Top 10 best Camera Drone Review

10. Yuneec Typhoon H Plus

(Image credit: Yuneec)

Six rotors and generous extras make this a capable camera drone

Weight: 1995g | Dimensions: 520×310mm | Controller: Yes | Video resolution: 4K @ 60fps | Camera resolution: 20MP | Battery life: 28 minutes (5250mAh) | Max Range: 1.6km / 1mi | Max Speed: 49kph / 30mph

Veiw at Amazon 6-rotor S Intel-powered sensors Sun shade, extra battery and more supplied Control range Controller grip not natural for some Batteries lack a built-in monitor

With a one-inch sensor the Typhoon H Plus has a camera that can take on the Phantom. Better still it is supported by a big and stable six-rotor frame, which is capable of returning if one motor is lost. The retractable landing legs allow for 360-degree lens rotation, unlike the Phantom.

Add into the bargain features like Intel-powered collision avoidance and object tracking software (including Follow Me, Point of Interest and Curve Cable Cam), the 7-inch screen on the controller, and the extra battery that Yuneec bundle and it feels like a great deal.

The transmission distance is not as far as you might expect, though, and the construction and especially the controller might be felt to have an off-puttingly pro or RC-enthusiast aesthetic in comparison to the very consumer-friendly approach of Parrot or DJI. come back for more reveiws

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