PS4 Pro review: Sony’s answer to 4K HDR gaming and the Xbox One X

Sony PS4 Pro – Design and features


If you’re used to the standard PS4 or the dinky Xbox One S and Xbox One X, then the PS4 Pro is one hefty matte-black slab of console. It’s taller, wider and deeper than the current PS4 model, and while the One X sits slightly taller, the Pro is wider and deeper.

It has the same parallelogram profile, but now with three levels of deck to the design, plus the same matte plastic throughout the case and rounded corners. It makes a little more fan noise than the old PS4 or the Xbox One S and X, but not enough to be annoying. Tucked away in your AV stack or beneath your TV, it’s a surprisingly discreet unit.

Sony has replaced the touch-sensitive power and eject buttons of the original PS4 with mechanical efforts, just as it has on recent PS4 revisions. This is an improvement, despite the slightly cheap feel of the buttons – but they remain a bit awkward to find in a hurry. Would it have killed anyone to put in buttons you could actually see?Sony PS4 Pro

There are two USB ports at the front – handy for charging controllers – plus a third at the rear, where it’s particularly useful for USB hard drives or for connecting PSVR. There’s also a specific connector for the PlayStation camera, plus an Ethernet out, an HDMI-out and a digital optical output. Where the smaller PS4s can get all the power they need from a slim figure-eight cable, the PS4 Pro demands a chunky kettle lead.

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